Salem IT Support

Salem IT SupportSalem, Virginia is a fast-growing destination for companies looking to expand their reach. To remain competitive, it’s never been more important to partner with the right team to ensure that your organization is able to provide reliable, speedy services to your clients. Get the best in technological innovation fully customized to fit your needs when you partner with Tech Squared, an all-service organization specializing in managed IT services, cybersecurity, and consultation.

Don’t waste valuable time and resources managing the digital side of your business when you could gain access to a team of IT professionals by partnering with Tech Squared. As your IT department, our team of experts has been specially trained to help enhance your network, improving your users’ experience and optimizing your digital ecosystem so that you can focus on growing your business and expanding your reach. Our Managed IT Services include access to our support desk, which provides both remote and on-site support. Our remote technicians can handle most day-to-day issues quickly and efficiently so that you never need to compromise on productivity or lose valuable time during the day. When an issue requires an in-person solution, we guarantee that we’ll have a technician on-location within 60 minutes of your original request. One way that cyber threats gain access to networks is through links and emails disguised to seem genuine. Tech Squared will provide training to your staff to help them to identify suspicious links and help to reduce one of the most common threats to security that business’ face. To further fortify your network, Tech Squared will also run frequent network assessments and implement powerful firewalls.

Protect your business from data loss. Cyber attacks and even physical damage to your servers can result in data becoming lost or compromised, which can threaten not only your daily operations but even the integrity of your business. Tech Squared will make regular backups of your valuable data and our disaster recovery services will ensure that even in the face of an unexpected event that your data remains safe and secure. Our Centralized Services will include around-the-clock monitoring and alerts, firmware updates and management, optimization, and patch management so that you’re never left open to vulnerabilities. Another benefit that you can take advantage of is our Dedicated Resource service, which includes both a Network Admin and a Virtual Chief Information Officer provided by Tech Squared. Your Network Admin supports your business each day, and each month will spend a full day on-location so that the health and integrity of your network is constantly maintained. Your Virtual Chief Information Officer will assess risks and help you to optimize your work-flow. They’ll be on-location quarterly to meet with you and address new strategies.

Because Cyber Security is so important for the health of any network, our services include powerful anti-malware tools and advanced firewalls. We’ll also provide 24/7 monitoring of your entire digital ecosystem and send out automatic alerts if any potential threats or vulnerabilities are identified. For our clients that work in the healthcare field, we also provide services to ensure that your network remains HIPAA Compliant. There’s nothing more important than ensuring sensitive patient data is handled securely, which is why we’ll provide risk analysis and remediation, training, secure deletion, and more.

Tech Squared also serves the following cities: Charlottesville, Lynchburg, Roanoke, and Blacksburg.