Lynchburg IT Support

Lynchburg IT Support
Ranked as the #1 place for millenials to move to, Lynchburg is getting younger, faster, and more agile. Millenials have come to expect on-demand satisfaction, and this often requires using the most advanced technology to provide the best services. Tech Squared ensures your growth by helping you leverage best-in-class technology solutions customized to your business needs and goals. With us as your long-term partner, your operations will be leaner, your infrastructure will be scalable, and your customers will be more satisfied.

When you partner with Tech Squared, you’ll gain access to our wide array of services. By acting as your de facto IT department, we’ll take over the daily operations of the digital aspect of your business, leaving you to focus on growing your business and reaching new audiences. One of the most comprehensive services we provide is our Managed IT Services package. This includes a dedicated IT support desk with both remote and on-site assistance as needed. While most issues can be resolved remotely by our specialists, for those issues that require an in-person solution we guarantee that a technician will arrive within one hour of your request, ensuring that any disruptions are resolved as quickly as possible and streamlining efficiency. Tech Squared will also provide training to your employees on how to identify potential threats as part of our Network and User Security services. Arming your staff with the tools they need to identify suspicious emails and links will help to prevent threats from penetrating your network, but we’ll also provide firewall services and conduct regular network assessments to further fortify your organization against online dangers.

Apart from cyber attacks, one of the other biggest threats against a business’ network is data loss. Whether through data corruption or even physical damage to your servers, data loss can compromise your business’ integrity and operations. Tech Squared will provide Backup and Disaster Recovery services to ensure that you’re protected from any unexpected events that could impact your data integrity, and our Centralized Services will provide 24/7 monitoring on all devices linked to your business’ networks in order to proactively work to prevent such an event. We’ll send alerts, provide firmware updates and management, performance optimization, and patch management so that all eventualities are accounted for and addressed. As a part of our Dedicated Resources service, you’ll be provided with a Network Admin to support your organization and who will be on-site for a full day each month to monitor the health of your network. We’ll also assign a dedicated Virtual Chief Information Officer to assess risks and help you to optimize your workflow.

As a part of Tech Squared’s Cyber Security services, we’ll provide powerful anti-malware tools and advanced firewalls to ensure that your network is never left vulnerable. We’ll proactively test and monitor your network to identify and address vulnerabilities. For our healthcare clients and partners, Tech Squared will also ensure that your network remains HIPAA Compliant. Ensuring that your network meets industry standards is vital when handling sensitive patient data. We’ll provide risk analysis and remediation, policy development and implementation, training, backup testing, and secure deletion.

Tech Squared also serves the following cities: Charlottesville, Blacksburg, Roanoke, and Salem.