Blacksburg IT Support

Blacksburg IT Support Blacksburg was ranked #8 on the “Emerging US Metropolitan Areas” list. Technology companies are moving here and Virginia Tech is churning out top IT talent, which means that businesses are utilizing premium technology resources to enhance their services. To remain competitive in this market, you need to keep your customers satisfied by increasing the reliability, capability, and speed of your services. How do you do that sustainably? Partner with Tech Squared and let our experts customize best-in-class technology solutions that we’ll fully manage for maximum ROI.

By partnering with Tech Squared, we’ll effectively become your dedicated IT department, handling all-things digital for your organization so that you can focus on growing your business and expanding your reach. This includes Managed IT Services and your day-to-day digital and network operations. Managed IT Services include things like help desk support. This live-support desk will be the central point for any IT-related questions you or your employees may encounter during daily operations, and includes emergency on-site support. If an in-person solution is needed, we guarantee that a support team expert will arrive within 60 minutes of your request so that any interruptions are kept to a minimum.

Managed IT Services also include Network and User Security services. We’ll provide training to your staff on how to avoid online threats, provide firewall services, conduct network assessments, and more to ensure that your network remains safe from cyber threats. Tech Squared will also provide Backups and Disaster Recovery services so that in the event of an unexpected event, none of your valuable data is lost or compromised. With our recovery packages, ensure that your business is never disrupted or jeopardized. Tech Squared’s Centralized Services will provide 24/7 monitoring on all devices linked to your organization’s networks and includes alerts, firmware updates and management, performance optimization, security, backup, and patch management. Tech Squared will also provided a dedicated Network Admin whose purpose will be to support your business, including with monthly visits. These visits will last a full day on-location so that your Network Admin maintains a comprehensive understanding of your network’s status. Your business will also receive a dedicated Virtual Chief Information Officer whose role will be to assess risks, create forecasts, and help you to optimize your workflow through quarterly on-site meetings.

Tech Squared is also proud to be able to offer Cyber Security services to clients in the Blacksburg region. These services include powerful Anti-Malware tools and advanced firewalls so that your network is never left vulnerable to online threats. We proactively test and monitor your network for vulnerabilities so that any threats detected can be dealt with before they have a chance to do any damage. By training your staff to identify threats that might present themselves directly, like phishing emails, we’ll help to eliminate human errors that can leave your organization exposed to cyber dangers.

For our healthcare clients and partners, Tech Squared will also ensure that your network remains HIPAA Compliant. Ensuring that your network meets industry standards is vital when handling sensitive patient data. We’ll provide risk analysis and remediation, policy development and implementation, training, backup testing, and secure deletion.

Tech Squared also serves the following cities: Charlottesville, Lynchburg, Roanoke, and Salem.