Roanoke IT Support

RoanokeRoanoke IT Support is known for its “Innovation Corridor.” Researchers, technology experts, and startups collaborate in this innovation hub, where the filing of patents has outpaced the national average by more than 3x. In this fast paced market, your business needs to leverage technological innovation, or your clients will be lured away by faster, more capable services. What’s the most cost-effective way to gain a competitive advantage? Partner with Tech Squared and transform your operations with next-gen technology customized to your needs and goals.

By partnering with Tech Squared, you’ll get access to our comprehensive list of services. We’ll function as your IT department, taking over the daily management of the digital side of your business and leaving room for you to focus on what you do best. We offer Managed IT Services, an umbrella that includes a number of benefits that you’ll immediately begin to take advantage of including access to our support desk. We provide both remote support and on-site solutions. Many of the issues your employees may encounter day-to-day can be resolved remotely by our team of experts, efficiently resolving problems so that productivity is never compromised. For those more complex problems that may require an on-site presence, we guarantee a one-hour response time from when your request for support is submitted. Managed IT Services also includes staff training for your employees to help them to identify suspicious online activity and emails so that they can proactively avoid digital threats and reduce human error that can sometimes lead to threats penetrating your network. In addition to this training, Tech Squared will also provide firewall services and conduct regular network assessments to further reduce threats to the integrity of your network.

Data loss is one of the biggest threats that business’ face in today’s increasingly digital world. Your valuable and sensitive data is vulnerable to not only cyber attacks, but can also be compromised by physical damage to your servers. This can impact the integrity of your business and your daily operations, which is why Tech Squared offers backup and disaster recovery services. When faced with an unexpected event, we can ensure that your data remains safe and secure. Centralized Services will include around-the-clock monitoring and alerts, firmware updates and management, optimization, and patch management so that you’re never left open to vulnerabilities. As a part of our Dedicated Resources service, you’ll be provided with a Network Admin to support your organization and who will be on-site for a full day each month to monitor the health of your network. We’ll also assign a dedicated Virtual Chief Information Officer to assess risks and help you to optimize your workflow.

We go even further with our Cyber Security services, which include powerful anti-malware tools and advanced firewalls. By proactively testing and monitoring your network, we’ll identify any existing or potential vulnerabilities before cyber threats have an opportunity to do any damage. For our clients that work in the healthcare field, we also provide services to ensure that your network remains HIPAA Compliant. There’s nothing more important than ensuring sensitive patient data is handled securely, which is why we’ll provide risk analysis and remediation, training, secure deletion, and more.


Tech Squared also serves the following cities: Charlottesville, Lynchburg, Blacksburg, and Salem.