Managed IT Services

Proactively Prevent Issues with Managed IT Services

All too often, business owners and industry professionals find themselves in a dire situation – desperately needing help because their systems have been broken into. Almost as bad is the experience of dealing with IT providers that are reactive – only responding when there is an issue but not doing anything to look ahead and prevent problems before they happen.

Is your user experience suffering? Do you experience frustration after repeated attempts to contact a helpdesk with only unresponsive support? Do you want to proactively prevent issues?

The Answer is Gap-Free IT With Tech Squared

At Tech Squared, we prevent problems before they happen. With our managed IT services, concerns are resolved quickly and you can enjoy increased efficiency, an enhanced user experience, and peace of mind knowing that your data is being looked out for by a team that you can rely on and trust.

We Go Above And Beyond

Our managed IT services go above and beyond for you, ensuring that your data is protected. Aside from a reduction in risk, an added benefit to our services that many clients notice is an increase in efficiency. Some managed IT companies only service their clients when an issue arises. At Tech Squared, we look for ways to help you improve efficiency and save time. If we can provide a solution that saves you 5-10 minutes per day, what does that add up to? That’s the kind of calculation we do when we approach serving you.

Our Managed IT Services Stack

Service Desk

Our live service desk is a central point of contact for all your IT questions. It includes emergency on-site support and a guaranteed 60-minute emergency response time to local customers.

Dedicated Resources

At Tech Squared, we offer a dedicated Network Admin to fully support your business with monthly, full day on-site visits. We also offer a dedicated Virtual Chief Information Officer who assesses your risk, creates forecasts, and helps optimize your workflow through quarterly onsite technology meetings with you.

Network and User Security

Full network and user security services including staff training, firewall services, network assessments and more.


Backups and Disaster Recovery

Managed and monitored onsite and offsite cloud backups, test restorations, disaster recovery planning, and enterprise backup software.

Centralized Services

24×7 monitoring and alert of all devices, firmware updates and management, performance optimization, security, backup, and patch management.

Prevent Business-Ending Disaster

The amount of damage that can come from a security breach can be catastrophic to the degree of being business-ending. When client data is compromised, it’s a disaster for everyone involved. As the steward of sensitive data, you may be responsible for remediation. This could involve paying for client credit reporting services and more. If your industry is municipal or medical, physical safety could be on the line.

From a business perspective, a data breach means the cessation of operations while recovery takes place – a process that can take a month or more. During this time, how can your business survive if it cannot operate?

Preventing disaster is not only protecting data. It’s protecting the wellbeing of your business as a whole.

Our Process

Identify the Gaps

Close the Major Gaps

Protect Necessary Gaps

Monitor the Gap Creep


Tech Squared Cares About Your Business, Not Just IT

Our team is full of people who were once business owners themselves – so we know what it’s like to be in your shoes. We won’t ask you to pick from a menu of managed IT options – instead, our professionals will evaluate your IT and let you know what you need to not only stay safe, but to thrive.

Instead of charging an hourly rate, our elite team with a combined experience of over 125 years in tech is dedicated to you for a fixed monthly fee. With regular on-site visits and a cost-per-seat investment model, our incentives align – to minimize issues with proactive action and to keep your data as secure as possible. Partner with Tech Squared for the best managed IT services in Nashville and get your stride back.


“Tech Squared is knowledgeable, always prompt to respond, gets the issue fixed quickly, and has such great personalities, making working with each of them a very enjoyable experience!”

Site Manager

Multisite Mental & Behavioral Health Agency

“Premium service delivered by great folks! Tech Squared supports our business with unmatched competence and consistency.”

General Manager

Property Management Firm