Lynchburg IT Services

Lynchburg IT Services Ranked the #1 place for millennials to move to, Lynchburg is getting younger, faster, and more agile. Millennials expect on-demand satisfaction, often requiring using the most advanced technology to provide the best services. Tech Squared ensures your growth by helping you leverage best-in-class technology solutions customized to your business needs and goals. With us as your partner, your operations will be leaner, your infrastructure will be scalable, and your customers will be more satisfied.

By partnering with Tech Squared, you’ll gain access to our wide array of services. By acting as your de facto IT department, we’ll take over the daily operations of the digital aspect of your business, leaving you to focus on growing your business and reaching new audiences.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT services are designed to support businesses by proactively managing their technology infrastructure. With Tech Squared’s managed IT services, businesses can have a team of dedicated IT professionals working for them around the clock, monitoring their systems and addressing any issues as they arise. This helps businesses save time and money by avoiding costly downtime and productivity losses.

Tech Squared’s managed IT services include network management, server maintenance, desktop support, and cloud services. Other services also include disaster recovery and data backup services that are designed to protect data in the face of unexpected events like physical damage to the servers or even cyberattacks.


Nothing is more critical for businesses in this digital age than protecting the critical data and systems that help their organizations operate. By partnering with experts in cybersecurity, organizations take a crucial step in arming themselves against the threat of online attacks. The company specializes in a range of cybersecurity measures including proactive monitoring that detects and addresses potential threats, encryption services, training, and more.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliance is one of the most important components for organizations that work in the healthcare industry. That’s why Tech Squared provides HIPAA compliance services that ensure that every piece of your network meets industry standards, avoiding costly fees for your organization. Tech Squared also places an emphasis on helping healthcare businesses fortify their networks to protect sensitive patient information and data. Their services include risk assessments, policy development, and staff training to ensure that healthcare businesses are taking the necessary steps to protect patient data.

By choosing Tech Squared as your long-term partner, your business will be better equipped to leverage technology solutions customized to your unique needs and goals, enabling you to reach new heights of success.


Tech Squared services are also available in the following cities in Tennessee and Virginia: Blacksburg, CharlottesvilleChattanoogaClarksvilleColumbia, FranklinHendersonvilleJacksonKnoxvilleLebanonMurfreesboroNashville, Roanoke, and Salem.