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Best IT Services in Columbia: Your Trusted Technology Partner

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Tech Squared’s IT Services in Columbia have established a solid reputation for trust and expertise. Our excellent record of ZERO malware incidents for existing clients combined with our network and user security strength demonstrates our dedication to client safety. Rely on our knowledge to provide proactive IT solutions that safeguard your systems from potential hazards. Gain peace of mind with a reputable IT service provider that consistently delivers outstanding results.

6 Proactive Approaches to Managed IT Services in Columbia

Tech Squared’s all-inclusive managed IT services package in Columbia is designed to prioritize seamless and efficient user experience. Instead of waiting for problems to arise, we take control and prevent them beforehand. Our dedicated IT support is always available to assist you quickly and efficiently. Leave your IT needs to us so that you can confidently work on your business without worrying about IT.

Managed IT Services

Backup and Data Recovery

Our backup and data recovery solutions guarantee that your business continuity is never compromised, protecting your valuable data from loss, and swiftly restoring it in the event of an outage or breach.
Managed IT Services

Patch Management

Through our comprehensive patch management framework, we provide regular and timely updates to your systems, safeguarding you from vulnerabilities and ensuring that you always have access to the most secure software.
Managed IT Services

Managed Threat Response: SOC as a Service

SOC as a Service utilizes our team of cybersecurity experts who operate around the clock to instantly identify and neutralize any potential threats, thereby securing your digital environment.
Managed IT Services

Network and User Security

Our network and user security services create a strong defensive line for your systems, securing every user endpoint and network access point, to thwart the most sophisticated cyberattacks.
Managed IT Services

Help Desk Services

You will never be left without IT support. With our 24/7 help desk services, we are just a call away to assist with any IT issues.
Managed IT Services

vCIO IT Consulting Services

Enjoy the benefits of a vCIO without the internal costs! Our vCIO IT consulting services help you make the most informed technology decisions for your business and drive innovation.

Protecting Your Data with Tech Squared IT Services in Columbia

Tech Squared’s IT services in Columbia are powered by industry-leading cybersecurity tools that safeguard your systems, networks, and data from hostile attacks such as malware, ransomware, phishing and more. Tech Squared’s IT support in Columbia implements strong security measures that can considerably reduce the risk of unwanted access, data breaches and financial losses.

Here’s how we protect your business

Managed IT Services

Anti-Malware Software and Advanced Firewalls

Our IT support in Columbia is constantly on alert for new malware and our solutions are always evolving to remain ahead of the curve.

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Proactive Monitoring and Testing

We constantly test and monitor your systems for vulnerabilities, so you have peace of mind that any potential threats will be identified and mitigated before causing harm.
Managed IT Services

Identify and eradicate human error

Tech Squared’s IT support trains your employees to identify phishing schemes and suspicious email attachments and promotes a workforce-wide culture of caution.

IT Services in Columbia Meet All Regulatory Compliance

Tech Squared’s IT services strong safety practices in Columbia make sure you’re upholding laws like GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS and others. Compliance with the law not only keeps you out of legal trouble but also shows that you care about protecting customer privacy.

Small Business IT Survival Guide

Get the Gold Standard of IT Support with Tech Squared’s IT Services in Columbia

If you have an ineffective IT provider, you can bet that you’ll encounter serious IT problems sooner rather than later. Statistics show that companies with weak cyber defenses will eventually be a target and experience some form of downtime or intrusion. It’s almost impossible to avoid being the victim of a cyberattack if you don’t have strong IT.

Gold-standard value is attained when you find someone who can help shape the strategy of the company and not just the tactical pieces.

We take a holistic approach to your business IT.

We keep equipment in stock, so you have it when you need it.

We’re committed to constantly learning and improving.

We’ll close the gaps in your IT world.

Why Choose Tech Squared’s IT Services in Columbia?

With Tech Squared’s IT services in Columbia by your side, you can say goodbye to IT issues and concentrate on what you do best: expanding your business. We are committed to providing IT services to organizations in Columbia through timely and effective solutions, minimizing disruption and ensuring the seamless operation of your technology infrastructure.