Chattanooga IT Services

Chattanooga IT Services Tech Squared is a leading IT company that provides a wide range of tech solutions for businesses in the Chattanooga area. Specializing in a number of technology-related areas, Tech Squared provides the best IT solutions for businesses of all kinds and sizes.

Managed IT Services

One of the primary services offered by Tech Squared is managed IT services. This service allows businesses to outsource their IT operations to a team of experts, who will handle all their technology needs. Tech Squared provides 24/7 monitoring and support for all IT systems, ensuring that businesses stay up and running at all times. This minimizes costly downtime and improves overall efficiency. Managed IT services also include data backup and recovery, which is crucial for businesses that rely on their data to operate.


With the number of online threats increasing all the time, it’s more crucial than ever for businesses to take proactive steps to arm themselves against malicious attacks before they have a chance to occur. That’s where partnering with cybersecurity experts like Tech Squared comes in. The team at Tech Squared will evaluate your network for any existing or potential vulnerabilities and work with you to devise a strategy to best address gaps in your security. Proactive, round-the-clock monitoring will scan for potential threats before they’re able to damage your network’s integrity, and training provided by Tech Squared to your organization’s employees will help to remove human error and reduce vulnerabilities against malicious phishing attacks.

HIPAA Compliance

When dealing with sensitive data like patient information, Tech Squared understands that there’s no room for error. That’s why Tech Squared dedicates itself to maintaining your network’s integrity and protecting vital patient data. These services include things like secure deletion, proactive monitoring, risk analysis, and more. Tech Squared will also help protect your organization from costly fines by ensuring that every aspect of your network remains HIPAA compliant per the latest industry standards.

Tech Squared offers a wide range of IT services that can benefit businesses in the Chattanooga, TN area. Call today for more information on how Tech Squared can help your business thrive.


Tech Squared services are also available in the following cities in Tennessee and Virginia: Blacksburg, Charlottesville, ClarksvilleColumbia, FranklinHendersonvilleJacksonKnoxvilleLebanonLynchburgMurfreesboroNashville, Roanoke, and Salem.