The ability to delegate, any CEO will tell you, is one of the mightiest arrows in an executive’s quiver. Nowhere is this more profoundly true than when it comes to running your IT infrastructure.

Regardless of the size of the organization, the managed IT services provider (MSP) model allows its owners and executives to contract the efficient running of their critical technology systems to dedicated professionals at affordable rates. So what exactly is an MSP?

The MSP answer

An MSP is an outsourced team of dedicated IT consultants, technicians, and professionals able to take care of a client’s every tech need. This leaves business leaders free to focus on actually running their business. No need to staff and run an entire IT department — an MSP monitors your network around the clock, and they’re always available should any need arise.

These days, with cloud computing advancing as it is, most fixes can be done instantly and remotely, but a local MSP can offer in-office support as well. In the MSP model, this service comes standard with a customizable, monthly fee, making budgeting super easy. And because these are experts, you know you’re always getting the best service available without having to shop around for a new consultant or technician every time something goes wrong.

An IT strategy for today and tomorrow

How well could you describe your organization’s current IT strategy? Has one even been formulated? How well is your digital risk managed? Do you have a plan if a system failure results in crippling downtime or lost data?

IT strategies, of course, are not static documents written in stone. They need to be flexible and adaptable enough to respond to and take advantage of new opportunities in business and technology as they emerge. If your plan was drafted several years ago, your operation is likely not running as efficiently as it could be. But there’s more than efficiency at stake. Without keeping up to date on advances in compliance and cybersecurity, you may put your organization at risk.

Keeping everything current requires dedicated professionals. While large enterprises can keep consultants — or even entire IT teams — on staff, small and medium-sized businesses are better positioned to avail themselves of a quality MSP. That’s where Tech Squared steps in.

Optimization made easy

Tech Squared can work with your business to create an all-inclusive, end-to-end package of IT services and support that includes a future-facing, always-evolving IT strategy.

With an optimized roadmap in place, we can then, together, get your entire organization migrated to the optimal systems and tools for its specific needs, then train your entire staff and continue providing follow-through maintenance, management, and support month by month. On an MSP model, there is never a need for a long-term contract.

An increasingly popular option

When one considers the drastic changes over the last decade in the way business is done in the United States, it’s no wonder the MSP industry has skyrocketed in popularity. The rise of mobile workforces, an increase in flexible scheduling, the ubiquity of cloud computing, and emergence of the Software-as-a-Service model have all exposed the inefficiencies and unnecessary constraints of having an in-house IT team.

Now more than ever, businesses of every size are realizing the benefits of hiring MSPs to run their IT:

  • Cost savings – Ongoing maintenance and management mean that issues are addressed preemptively, before they become problems, eliminating downtime and saving you money in the long run.
  • Always up to date – That ongoing maintenance also means software patches and system updates are performed in real time, before anyone is ever prompted.
  • Reliability – Hiring an MSP means creating a relationship with a team of professionals who take the time to get to know your business needs, and are always there when you need them.
  • Flexibility – Because there are no long-term contracts, you can always adjust your service package according to the changing needs of your business.

Get your new year started right. Establish a new relationship with a local MSP. To get the conversation started, contact Tech Squared today.