Ask any managed service provider about common IT gaps and why they’re detrimental to businesses, and you’ll get an earful.

Pose the same question to the average business owner and you’ll be able to hear a pin drop.

But if you reframe the question as, “What frustrates you about technology during the day?” you’ll get points that closely align with what the managed IT service provider had to say.

Yes, your frustrations are often gaps – and you can solve some of them right now.

These persistent gaps are a significant source of stress and worry for business owners, but fortunately, there are steps they can take to learn more about these gaps and remedy them with the help of trained managed IT services experts.

Here’s what you’re up against, why it’s critical to address the problems, and how to start closing gaps right now.

Four Common Technology Gaps You’re Probably Experiencing Right Now

So, what are the most significant technological gaps affecting modern businesses? Here are some of the ones that our experts encounter most often.

1. Skill gaps in your IT department

A skill gap in your IT department creates additional risks since they cannot comprehensively identify and address problems.

This can range from everyday frustrations – like a printer that constantly breaks down to catastrophic – a cyberattack caused by lax password policies and no threat monitoring. Additionally, if someone ends up leaving your IT department for whatever reason, you’re left with a critical knowledge and skill gap.

2. Useless software or solutions

Buying software or solutions that are not a great fit for your organization or not using your existing software or solutions to their fullest potential is a common problem we see. However, it’s easily solved when you can work with an IT partner that will identify your needs and help you source the appropriate software or solutions for your business.

3. Lengthy support time

If you have great IT staff but they’re simply too busy, this is a huge issue. A long wait time for support frustrates your employees and can delay long-term business goals by limiting productivity.

It can also be a critical contributing factor to exacerbating damage if your network is hacked or breached since it gives bad actors even more time to wreak havoc in your system before they are detected and can be removed.

4. No long-term strategic planning

If your business is running in a reactionary mode rather than being proactive, it’s hard to develop long-term plans that support growth and success. This issue often occurs when a company has had higher-than-average IT department turnover without continuity plans in place.

Three Reasons Why Your Managed IT Services Should Be Gap-Free

There are many reasons why businesses should work diligently to ensure their IT services and technology are gap-free.

1. Companies that have gaps in their managed IT services are less secure

Gaps in your IT environment make it easy for hackers and other bad actors to penetrate your systems, leaving you vulnerable to data breaches and other incidents that can cost you both financially and reputationally.

2. Gap-free IT is a value-add for clients and employees

Companies that have a slow, redundant, or failure-prone technology setup are frustrating to work with. It’s very difficult to ensure you have up-to-date IT systems, a great user experience, and data security when your technology is full of gaps. Once these gaps are addressed, it becomes easier to offer a smoother and more secure user experience.

3. You pave your path to growth

Pursuing growth and success for your company as a whole is challenging when your IT systems are not there to support you. Continually fighting against your IT to drive forward business goals is a significant limitation to your growth.


One of the best ways to solve gap-filled IT is to work with a managed IT services provider that can offer ongoing expertise and support. At Tech Squared, our managed IT services in Nashville are utilized by many organizations who rely on us to help them address managed IT gaps and provide solutions that are custom designed to suit the needs of their growing business.

Want to learn more about how your company can achieve gap-free managed IT services? Book a meeting with us to discuss your needs today.