There are countless reasons why your company can’t seem to reach goals or scale, but one gets consistently overlooked: You’ve outgrown your managed IT services provider.

When your IT partner can’t fully support your organization, you’re left dealing with growth-killing problems. Downtime skyrockets while productivity and collaboration decline.

These situations aren’t just frustrating – they can be dangerous. Slow technology is often a sign that it’s missing critical updates or maintenance, which leaves gaps in your IT.

From there, it’s easy for a bad actor to exploit these gaps to steal data and personal information or hold your organization hostage with costly ransomware.

We want you to stay cybersecure and grow your business. For that, you need an IT partner who will support you as your systems and operations become more complex.

But how do you know when you’ve outgrown your current IT support?

Here are 5 critical signs you should watch out for.

5 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your IT Provider

1. Productivity stagnates

Your IT environment will hold you back if you:

  • Allow inefficient processes to remain in place
  • Forget updates and maintenance
  • Lack a strategic plan for communication and collaboration

A great managed IT services provider helps you create an IT framework that works for your organization, facilitating productivity and making it easier for your staff to get work done.

2. You never hear from them unless you initiate

Great IT partners are proactive. They reach out to you often, either to touch base or to provide ongoing suggestions for ways to improve your IT. Routine maintenance is never skipped and your systems are always up to date, which keeps your organization cybersecure and productive.

If you’ve gotten used to being the one that initiates every conversation, chances are you’re outgrowing your current provider.


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3. Your support time is rising

It’s normal to experience growing pains as your organization gets larger. However, if your wait times just keep getting longer or issues aren’t ever fully resolved, it’s a sign that your current provider or internal team is overwhelmed. This is frustrating to your staff who cannot complete work and support your customers.

4. You don’t have a 2-, 5-, or 10-year plan

An excellent managed IT services provider doesn’t just support your IT or show up when there’s something wrong. They’re there to help you create a business and technology plan that can ensure short- and long-term success.

If your current provider hasn’t helped you create a plan for the future of your IT, it’s a sign that you’ve outgrown them and need more robust support.

5. There’s no support available on evenings or weekends

Cybercriminals never take a break – why should your IT support? If you’ve waited a long time to talk to someone on an evening or a weekend or simply didn’t hear back until Monday, that’s not ideal. You deserve a partner that’s there when you need them, no matter the time of day.



Are you experiencing any of these warning signs? Get in touch with us to discuss your growing needs with our experts today.



You Should Never Have To Settle for Bad Managed IT Services

Relying on an IT provider who isn’t paying attention or giving your business the support it needs is an easy mistake to make. Fortunately, it’s also easy to rectify.

Reach out to a new managed IT services provider in Nashville like Tech Squared. We take a holistic approach to your IT and seek to understand what makes your company unique. That way, we can provide solutions that support long-term growth and encourage your ongoing cybersecurity.

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