Phone Systems (VoIP)

Provide better customer service, improve employee collaboration, and reduce operating costs

We won’t let an outdated phone system hold you back any longer

Several years ago, we went searching for a feature-rich, flexible business phone system that had an affordable price point to offer our clients; we came up empty-handed. A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system has a mountain of benefits, including better mobility, advanced call features, software integration, and cost savings over traditional phone lines, so not offering one to our clients was not an option. So since we couldn’t find a system that met our requirements, we decided to custom-build one ourselves.

Tech Squared will install, manage, and teach you how to make full use of our phone system. It is compatible with your existing mobile devices and computers and no hardware purchases are required, although we have partnered with leading providers Allworx, Polycom, Yealink, and Snom to offer handset phones that are packed with features. You’ll improve your customer interactions, employee collaboration across multiple locations and around the globe, and data collection for a healthier bottom line. And as always, we Reduce Stress + Add Value by making our phone system easy to use and efficient. Contact us for a FREE demo!

The many great features of Tech Squared’s business phone service include:

  • No long-distance fees and low-cost international calling
  • Number portability so you don’t lose your existing number
  • Peerless mobility; connect to your phone’s system from anywhere there’s internet
  • Advanced functionalities like automated attendant, voicemail to email, unified communication across locations, and much more
  • Access to top-of-the-line, purpose-built VoIP phones and accessories
Managed Services

Managed Services

We monitor, manage, and repair all of your IT so you can forget about it and work on the important stuff.



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IT Consulting

IT Consulting

Upgrading or expanding your IT is a great plan. Our expert technicians make it easy and effective.