In today’s global economy, businesses are turning to outsourcing their IT support as a strategy to reduce costs, improve efficiency and access heightened technical expertise. It’s easy to understand why when you consider these recent IT statistics:

    • Gartner has predicted that by 2025, 45% of global organizations will have been impacted in some manner by a supply chain cyberattack
    • According to Uptime Institute, 20% of organizations have experienced a severe outage in the past three years – and nearly 40% of these were attributed to human error
    • The cost of cybercrime is expected to hit $8 trillion this year
    • The average length of time required for an organization to identify and contain a data breach is 277 days
    • Over 60% of outages cost organizations over $100,000 in losses, with 15% costing upwards of $1 million’

There are so many varied and critical moving parts when it comes to IT support, making it an area that truly is better left to the experts who live and breathe IT best practices. This is why IT and help desk outsourcing have become integral parts of modern business strategy, and one that continues to grow in popularity with each passing year. Below, we explore some of the leading benefits of outsourcing your IT support to a managed IT services provider (MSP).

Vacation and Sick Time are Not Concerns

Cybercriminals don’t take sick days so your IT support really can’t come to a screeching halt when you have an employee out sick or on vacation. Many IT shops have one, maybe two, key individuals who truly understand the landscape of the department and the broader organization. What happens when they are unavailable? What happens when they move on to a different company and their priceless institutional knowledge is no longer available? This can be a major headache for companies, especially smaller ones with limited HR resources. With outsourced IT support, the managed services provider takes responsibility for ensuring that they have enough resources available to support the IT needs of their clients. This allows business owners to relax, knowing that no matter who is out of the office, their business will remain protected.

Allows You to Better Utilize Your IT Staff

The day-to-day IT needs that bog down an organization can really eat into your internal IT staff time. Password resets, printer problems, spam emails and software updates – all of these regular IT requests can add up and are well worth handing off. By outsourcing IT services, companies can focus on their core competencies while delegating tasks such as software development, technical support and cybersecurity to third-party providers. This strategic move has given a competitive advantage to many organizations. This edge over the competition is further fueled by advancements in cloud computing and the ability to connect with remote teams.

Advanced Issues Logging

Advanced issues logging is one of the many benefits that outsourcing can offer. The right MSP partner will have sophisticated issue logging in place, which can streamline your support process by automatically capturing and prioritizing support requests. Your IT team can respond to issues faster and more efficiently, resulting in increased productivity and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Improved Financial Planning

Outsourcing IT support can also lead to improved financial planning, as companies can accurately budget for IT expenses without worrying about the unexpected costs associated with break-fix IT models. MSPs will typically charge a flat rate that includes coverage for select services, making financial planning quite streamlined and consistent. This proactive approach can result in significant cost savings, which can be reinvested back into the business, making it easier to meet long-term goals. Overall, outsourcing IT support can be a game-changer for companies looking to streamline their operations and improve their financial planning.

The Peace of Mind That Best-in-Class IT Support Provides

Partnering with a reputable outsourced IT support vendor will provide access to a team of skilled professionals who can offer 24/7 support and cutting-edge technologies, without the need for in-house training or investment. Ultimately, outsourcing IT support can help businesses pave the way for long-term growth and organizational success.

Tech Squared has a solid reputation for delivering the gold standard of all-inclusive IT support. For over two decades, we have worked with a wide range of organizations as a true partner and extension of their IT teams. We accomplish this by aligning technology strategy with client goals, always keeping a broader holistic view of their higher-level challenges and aspirations.

Are you interested in experiencing the growth and peace of mind that comes along with best-in-class IT support? We’d love to connect and further discuss your IT needs.