The universal frustration of being put on hold is an experience that nearly everyone can relate to. Whether it’s waiting for customer support, seeking assistance from a colleague or trying to seek a quick answer to a simple inquiry, the feeling of wasting precious time on hold is all too familiar. In today’s fast-paced world, people have come to expect instant service and gratification, making prolonged holds a significant pain point in customer communication. Fortunately, there is a modern-day communications solution that delivers this instant service and gratification that consumers have become accustomed to: VoIP phone services.

The Modern Expectation for Instant Service

In the digital age, where information is just a click away and communication is lightning-fast, the concept of waiting on hold seems archaic. People have grown accustomed to instant access to services, and their expectations for quick resolutions have soared. Whether it’s ordering food, booking a ride or shopping online, the ability to get what you want at your fingertips has reshaped our perception of time. This shift in expectations extends to the realm of customer service and business communication.

Enter VoIP phone systems. A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system is a technology that allows voice and multimedia communication to be transmitted over the internet rather than traditional phone lines. It converts audio signals, such as your voice during a phone call, into digital data packets and sends them over the internet to their destination. VoIP phones have become increasingly popular in both residential and business settings due to their numerous advantages over traditional landline systems.


Investing in customer satisfaction = investing in your bottom line. Let’s talk about how a new phone system will improve your ROI.


Key Features of VoIP Phone Systems

Recognizing the need for a customer-centric approach to phone services, Tech Squared offers a VoIP system that addresses the frustrations associated with being put on hold.

No More Parking or Leaving on Hold

VoIP phones have eliminated the outdated practice of parking callers or leaving them on hold indefinitely. Instead, they have implemented a more responsible mechanism that ensures a seamless customer experience. When a call is parked and the intended recipient fails to pick it up, the call automatically reverts to the person who parked it. This feature prevents customers from being transferred to someone unfamiliar with their needs, reducing frustration and miscommunication.

Direct to Voicemail

One of the most significant advancements in Tech Squared’s VoIP phone services is the ability to send callers directly to voicemail when the intended recipient is unavailable. This feature reduces the time callers spend waiting to leave a message. It respects the caller’s time and provides an efficient way for them to convey their message without unnecessary delays.

Voicemail to Email Recording

VoIP phones go a step further by offering a valuable feature that bridges the gap between voicemail and modern communication methods. Voicemails received through their system can be transcribed into email text. This feature serves as a game-changer for busy employees, especially those in meetings or on the go. By glancing at the email transcription, employees can quickly grasp the content of the voicemail without having to listen to the audio. This streamlined process significantly speeds up the time to resolution, enabling employees to redirect messages to the appropriate team member efficiently if needed.

No Network Integration Required

Bonus! Our VoIP phone system is available only on the cloud, so no network integration is required. This is a win for several reasons including:

  • Ease of deployment: Traditional phone systems often require extensive network integration and infrastructure setup, which are time-consuming, complex and costly. In contrast, cloud-based VoIP systems are easy to deploy. Users can simply sign up for the service and start making calls without the need for specialized hardware or intricate network configurations.
  • Scalability: Cloud-based VoIP systems are highly scalable. Businesses can easily add or remove phone lines or extensions as needed. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for growing companies that may need to adjust their communication infrastructure as their operations expand.
  • Redundancy and Reliability: Cloud-based VoIP providers typically have robust data centers with built-in redundancy and backup systems. This ensures high availability and minimizes the risk of service disruptions.
  • Security: Reputable cloud-based VoIP providers implement strong security measures, including encryption and access controls, to protect voice and data transmissions. This can provide peace of mind for businesses concerned about the security of their communications.

Address Consumer Expectations Head-On with an Innovative Solution

In a world where time is money and customer loyalty is crucial, Tech Squared’s VoIP phone services are the answer to the universal frustration of being put on hold. By eliminating call parking, directing calls to voicemail when necessary and offering voicemail-to-email transcription, Tech Squared has redefined the customer service experience.

Offered in tandem with Tech Squared’s managed IT services package, this premium communication solution not only enhances customer satisfaction but also streamlines internal communication within companies. Embrace the future of customer communication with Tech Squared, where efficiency and customer satisfaction are paramount.