IT Consulting

Start a technology investment right: with expert guidance and planning

Tech Squared ensures your IT projects are on target, time, and budget

When was the last time you thought about replacing aging hardware? Have you found time to plan for upcoming technology advances that are unique to your industry? Planning an office move or network overhaul? These are the kinds of technology development projects that can provide excellent ROI, but only if they are carried out efficiently and effectively. Otherwise, you can end up wasting a lot of time, effort, and capital. To prevent that, small businesses hire IT consultants to lead or support their IT projects, and Tech Squared has the best consultants in southwest Virginia.

Whether it’s a small development project to procure some new computers or a grand technology strategy for a company-wide pivot, Tech Squared will pour everything we have into ensuring it’s successful. Our expert technology planners will find the solutions and strategies that fit your organization best, and won’t just recommend the most expensive solutions to make a quick buck. Making big choices about the future of your business’s technology can be daunting, but Tech Squared’s IT consultants will make sure you have the guidance you need to make the informed decisions that will add real value.

Tech Squared are ready and able to assist you with:

  • Hardware procurement and installation (workstations, servers, etc.)
  • Software procurement and installation
  • Network infrastructure development and optimization
  • Office restructuring or moves
  • Technical assessments, tests, and audits
  • Technology strategy and budgeting
  • And much more
Managed Services

Managed Services

We monitor, manage, and repair all of your IT so you can forget about it and work on the important stuff.



Cybercriminals are working hard to steal your data and bring down your systems. We’ll work harder to stop them.


Phone Systems

Phone Systems

With our advanced telephone systems, you no longer have to choose between newer, better, and more affordable.