No one likes dealing with IT disruptions. These frustrations can take many forms, ranging from benign (like a computer that just won’t work the way it should) to malicious threats like malware, ransomware and phishing.

The best way to manage these disruptions and ensure a more secure IT environment overall is to adopt a proactive approach to cybersecurity risk management. This is a strategic way of handling IT that helps to minimize ongoing risk, protecting your business’s productivity, sensitive data and even its reputation.

Without a strategic way of handling IT risk, organizations in Nashville and the surrounding area will find themselves vulnerable.

However, identifying these disruptions that may be exposing your business to risk isn’t always easy. Here are some of the biggest disruptors that our cybersecurity experts have identified as the most challenging to your business’s cybersecurity.

5 IT Disruptions That Could Jeopardize Your Cybersecurity

To help businesses better evaluate their risk profile, let’s explore five of the most significant IT disruptions that could jeopardize your cybersecurity.

By better understanding these disruptions and taking proactive steps to mitigate their risks, organizations can better protect themselves against cyberthreats and ensure the ongoing safety and security of their sensitive data.

1. Email and internet outages

While they may not seem inherently dangerous, the truth is, most companies would grind to a halt if they lost access to email or the internet. The inability to process email or even reach customers by phone (in the case of VoIP phones) has a hugely damaging effect on a company.

If your email or internet fails on a regular basis, employees may start using personal devices or insecure workarounds to get work done, putting your organizational cybersecurity at risk.

2. Malware and ransomware

Being targeted by malware and ransomware is hugely damaging to an organization’s cybersecurity, and even unsuccessful attempts can cause disruptions. Having to continually defend against these attacks takes up valuable IT time, forcing internal staff to short-change other tasks like IT support, disaster recovery planning and more.


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3. Phishing and spear phishing

Like malware and ransomware, continually having to deal with phishing or spear phishing threats can damage employee productivity and security, even when the attempts are unsuccessful.

Since phishing and spear phishing are highly personalized attacks, it can be exhausting for employees to have to continually be on guard against threats when their time would be better used elsewhere.

4. Failing hardware

Most people dealing with slowly failing hardware hardly notice their device’s shortcomings due to the incremental reduction in speed. However, the productivity losses are far from negligible.

If your company is dealing with failing hardware, the slow productivity losses are just the tip of the iceberg. Catastrophic collapses can lead to lost data, and the cybersecurity challenges of keeping these older devices safe are an ongoing risk.

5. Data loss

Data loss or exfiltration due to phishing and ransomware puts your organization at tremendous risk. Losing this data is a massive blow to any organization’s reputation, plus, it provides hackers with additional information they can use to further target your company. One report found that a shocking 80% of ransomware victims are subjected to at least one further attack. Tech Squared has been involved in several breach recoveries and never had a recurrence. Additionally, our client base has experienced ZERO malware while working with us.


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Why Our Cybersecurity Risk Management Services are Superior

Taking action to limit IT disruptions is the first stage in any responsible cybersecurity risk management strategy.

At Tech Squared, our cybersecurity experts are adept in working with organizations to limit their risk profile and set them up for a future with fewer disruptions. Every relationship we develop is unique, and we work hard to establish a customized plan for every business, using best-in-class anti-malware tools and advanced firewalls to proactively protect your organization.

Our full-service cybersecurity services are the right choice for businesses in the Nashville area. Whether you have a small and growing company or have simply surpassed your existing IT support team, we can help.

Our IT Support Minimizes Your Cybersecurity Risk

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