Investing in cybersecurity risk management services is non-negotiable for modern organizations. Not only does it protect the security of your data – it also helps to ensure the ongoing productivity and communication that keeps your company thriving.

Yet, too few leaders make cybersecurity a priority, which carries catastrophic costs when an attack does occur.

The Cost of Not Prioritizing Cybersecurity

5 locations attacked

Recently, we were called in to help a local county in our area that had been attacked at 5 separate locations.

Sherriff’s department evidence compromised

Unfortunately, one of those locations housed the entire evidence library for their sheriff’s department and data logs for the 911 emergency response center.

2 months of lost productivity

It took us 2 months to rebuild every PC and server from scratch, which was necessary to bring them up to our cybersecurity standards and ensure their ongoing protection.

However, from there, they had no more incidents and remained 100% malware-free while under our watch.


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Why Cybersecurity Services Are Non-Negotiable for Modern Businesses

This story is a stark illustration of what happens when cybersecurity is put on the back burner.

In addition to preventing the loss of data and organizational integrity, here are 3 reasons why it’s essential to prioritize great cybersecurity tools and services.

1. The threat is constantly growing

Unfortunately, the threat facing small- and medium-sized businesses in the United States today is increasing. More and more cybercriminals are attacking these unassuming businesses, because many are unprotected.

1 in 5 SMBs don’t have any cybersecurity protections in place

On top of that, 57% of small business owners believe they are not at risk, even though 40% of SMBs lose critical data and information in these attacks.

A leader with this point of view makes their organization vulnerable to any bad actor who decides they’re the target of the day.

2. Getting attacked increases your likelihood of repeat incidents

Another reason why cybersecurity services are non-negotiable for businesses is that being attacked once vastly increases the risk of future breaches. A shocking 80% of ransomware victims will be targeted at least one more time after the initial incident.

Organizations that do not take action before an incident occurs could find themselves dealing with an ongoing issue that takes a lot more time and money to resolve.

3. Adding new technologies increases your risks

Engaging with new technologies is a great way to expand your reach, secure new customers, and grow your business. However, this type of growth comes with increased cybersecurity risks. If you do not consider these risks as you strategically add new technologies to your arsenal, it can lead to severe gaps in your IT that can be exploited.

What do we mean by this? Beware of too many platforms. If your IT support team encourages you to utilize different platforms, such as Google, Dropbox, Microsoft, and even Network Attached Storage (NAS), that could be a problem. Multiple platforms require that problems be solved one at a time. That’s not an effective use of time or resources. The result of using multiple platforms and a break-fix approach is a disorganized, unsecure, and even inefficient organization. With so many different problems, your IT team is wasting time trying to solve one problem at a time as opposed to looking at a higher-level strategy. Managing too many platforms at once also leaves the door more open for cyberthreats to slip through the cracks.


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How Tech Squared Can Help You Handle Cybersecurity Risk Management

Nashville businesses know they get more than IT support when they partner with us. Cybersecurity risk management is part of our holistic approach that proactively monitors every aspect of your IT. This encourages productivity and shuts down ransomware, malware, and other dangerous cybersecurity threats.

Here’s how we thwart cyberthreats for our clients:

  • Using a risk assessment, we identify any gaps in your IT network.
  • From there, we develop a plan to close the major gaps posing the most risk.
  • Moving forward, we protect all necessary gaps by engaging proactive security features that monitor and secure these vulnerable points.
  • In our work together we also monitor gap creep to ensure any changes to your IT environment won’t create new risk factors.

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Our approach is a full-service solution that provides the expertise you need to grow your business without fear.

Like the local county client that we were able to bring back from a crisis, we can help organizations in the midst of a breach as well as those who want to put proactive safety measures in place.


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