Keeping your network protected is critical to defending the long-term security of your business.

Too many small businesses don’t realize how vulnerable they are to cyberthreats – they represent 43% of the total global victims of data breaches, and many never recover.

In a recent client situation, we spotted a variety of issues in a cybersecurity risk assessment that we were able to mitigate. This saved the business from a potentially catastrophic data breach.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert to engage in sensible cybersecurity risk management. Working with a reputable cybersecurity company like Tech Squared can help you mitigate your risk and feel more confident in your overall security posture.

To start, we typically recommend a comprehensive IT risk assessment.


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What’s an IT Risk Assessment?

An IT risk assessment is an evaluation conducted by a cybersecurity company to determine if your network security would withstand an attack from cybercriminals.

Slowly and carefully, the experts look through your network and assess whether any security risks are present. If there are, they catalog them.

In addition to examining your network security, an IT risk assessment looks at how your organization has structured its IT assets and evaluates how damaging it would be for your business if the assets were to be compromised.

The Benefits of Getting an IT Risk Assessment

There are many benefits to engaging a company like Tech Squared to conduct an IT risk assessment for your business.

It provides a picture of your current security posture

If you don’t know where the problem areas are, how can you begin to fix them? An IT risk assessment paints a clear picture of your current risks and offers recommendations for mitigating them.

Understand your assets

Many people don’t understand the ins and outs of how their IT functions until they see how it all works together. A cybersecurity expert can help inventory your current IT assets, allowing you to make better decisions about protecting them.


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An IT Risk Assessment Can Save Your Business

We’ve seen time and again how an IT risk assessment can impact businesses. We’ve helped clients by providing information that has helped them:

  • Identify security issues
  • Mitigate threats
  • Solve long-standing productivity issues
  • Save money

A recent client success story

We were engaged to provide a risk assessment to a local construction company. When we logged into their system, we could see a variety of issues, including:

  • Every user had been given carte blanche admin access to the core network
  • Backups were not catching all data, and were not replicating off-site
  • Individuals could log into the company’s central server from reception with no password required

All of this and more contributed to an environment with many risks. If their previous technology partner had been focused more on cybersecurity risk management, these problems could have been spotted earlier and managed safely.

Soon, the company became a managed IT services client. We were able to help them mitigate these security issues and even solved a persistent encryption problem that had been left over from their previous managed service provider.

The Tech Squared IT Risk Assessment Process

The Tech Squared IT risk assessment process is a simple 3-step procedure. Here’s how it will look on your end.

1. Evaluate

We look at every aspect of your IT, from your network to your hardware, to see where you may be vulnerable.

2. Recommend and implement

Once we have a sense of existing vulnerabilities, we’ll develop a list of actions to help close these gaps. You can either choose to implement these changes yourself or move on to the next step by partnering with us.

3. Get good IT

If you’d rather focus on your own work and leave the cybersecurity stress to us, we’ll step in to keep your organization protected as your managed service partner.

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An IT risk assessment offers information and data you can use to improve your cybersecurity posture company-wide.

When you partner with our team to assess and evaluate risks, we create your customized action plan that mitigates risk and sets you on a path that is more:

  • Cybersecure
  • User-friendly
  • Cost-effective


Don’t wait for a cybercriminal to find gaps in your network.

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