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Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity Tools Protect Your Nashville Business

All-inclusive cybersecurity solutions defend your organization from existing and emerging risks through extensive, tailored strategies designed based on your specific requirements.

Your Organization is Secure With Us

Think of the stress you would eliminate if you knew your company’s confidential information was constantly safeguarded, regardless of the circumstances. That’s what we provide at Tech Squared: our clients have experienced ZERO malware incidents while working with us. As one of our clients, we’ll uncover every vulnerability and possible enhancement in your existing security framework. Then we eliminate those weaknesses to establish a unified, impervious network. By choosing our services, you can be certain that your enterprise is shielded from current and emerging threats– without having to do any heavy lifting.

Nashville Cybersecurity Risk Management for Unparalleled Cyber Defenses

Managed IT Services

Robust Anti-Malware Resources and Next-Generation Firewalls

Our cybersecurity experts in Nasshville constantly monitor emerging risks, ensuring that our solutions consistently evolve to outpace potential threats.
Managed IT Services Nashville

24/7 Cybersecurity Surveillance

We actively assess and oversee your network for weak points, guaranteeing the timely detection and neutralization of potential dangers before they inflict harm, resulting in an enhanced experience for your users.
Managed IT Services Nashville

Prevent Human Mistakes

Tech Squared educates your staff on recognizing phishing attachments and schemes, fostering a company-wide atmosphere of alertness.


Stop settling and paying for bad IT.

A Single Unchecked Breach Can Destroy Your Organization

When confidential information is exposed or compromised, the consequences can be disastrous for both your enterprise and your clients. You bear responsibility not only for the repercussions of the breach, such as critical data loss, but also the reputational harm associated with it.

Cybercrimes are increasingly common, and the risks are greater than ever: 66% of organizations experienced ransomware attacks in the past year – a 78% surge from the year before – with 65% of those incidents resulting in data encryption. Too many businesses are forced to pay the ransom to recover their data. They hand over money and hope the criminal keeps their word, delivers the decryption key. Unfortunately, many hackers take the money and keep the data.

Tech Squared’s Worry-Free Nashville Cybersecurity Risk Management

That’s where our expertise lies. Our Nashville cybersecurity solutions are engineered to continually search for, react to, and neutralize threats on your behalf. We collaborate with you to identify vulnerabilities in your security infrastructure and eliminate them, ensuring that your network is safeguarded against even the most advanced attacks. In the event of a breach, we will support you throughout the recovery process, allowing you to return to normal operations as swiftly as possible.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Services Equals Comprehensive Security

Our full-service approach to cybersecurity takes the responsibility of finding tools, setting processes, monitoring threats, and architecting a secure operating environment off your shoulders.

As a Nashville cybersecurity provider, we distinguish ourselves from other providers by offering a comprehensive solution, encompassing everything from strengthening and fortifying your existing configuration to actively monitoring threats and addressing incidents. The outcome? A cyber safe network that grants you tranquility, allowing you to concentrate on managing your enterprise without spending valuable time fretting over data security.

Cybersecurity Resources

Halt Phishing Attempts and Social Engineering

Phishing and social engineering are getting smarter – do you know how to create a security strategy that protects your business from them?

Understanding the common warning signs of scams is a good start. From uncommon file attachments to unusual requests and greetings, there are a lot of ways to identify a phishing attempt! But, sometimes when we’re in a rush, accidents happen.

Even when we’re rushing though, do you know the best way to catch phishing and social engineering communications? Properly protect your business and bottom line with these simple strategies.

Get a Business IT Risk Assessment

When’s the last time you had a good look at your IT risk? Or the last time you had a second pair of eyes on it?

If it has been a while, there are likely gaps in your IT – gaps that cybercriminals can squeeze through. On top of that, you could be at risk of losing data, facing downtime or offering poor customer support. In the end – it’s not good for business.

Our IT assessment helps you identify the missing pieces of your IT puzzle so you can seal gaps, improve business operations, and keep cybercriminals out. Start today!

Cybersecurity Lessons Learned and How We’re Adjusting

Looking back at the previous year can give you an excellent path for moving forward – and there was plenty to learn about cybersecurity in 2022! One thing that’s remained consistent? Attacks are getting more common. There has been a 300% increase since the beginning of the pandemic!

But how can you benefit from this lesson and the others we learned in the past year? Read our article to see the lessons we took to heart and how we’re changing our strategy to meet new threats, risks and challenges head-on.

True Cost of Ransomware for SMBs

How much would ransomware cost your business?

Likely, you wouldn’t be able to afford it. The average ransom in 2022 was $925,162 for businesses! And it’s rising.

Understanding how to protect your company through cybersecurity risk management is essential. Without a strategy, you could be wading in debt if you’re attacked and unable to reopen the doors. Discover the true cost of ransomware and what it will cost you to not take action.