While the concept of a serverless network has been around for more than 7 years, many businesses have not considered adopting this technology. They worry that it’s still too new and unvalidated or that it will lead to a lack of control over their code and assets.

While these concerns are valid, investing in a serverless network could potentially be a huge benefit to your business, reducing costs and facilitating a more stable approach to storage, backups, and business continuity plans.

Fortunately, you don’t have to plan or implement this migration alone. Engaging a managed IT services provider like Tech Squared can help you learn more about the serverless network approach and invest in a plan that helps to ensure ongoing business growth and productivity.

Is Your Organization a Good Fit for a Serverless Network?

While there are many benefits to a serverless network, the reality is that it’s not always the best approach for every business.

If you operate a business with multiple locations or have a workforce that’s either mobile or remote, choosing a serverless network ensures you’re able to offer the resources your team needs without overpaying. Additionally, healthcare organizations or businesses in this industry often find serverless networks beneficial, since they need to manage electronic health and medical records securely.

While they are very useful, serverless networks are not for everyone. If your business has applications running on a SQL database or any proprietary custom software solutions, a serverless network may be more complex than your needs demand.

The Pros and Cons of Migrating to a Serverless Network

If your business fits the criteria mentioned above, migrating to a serverless network offers increased flexibility, scalability, and security when compared with standard cloud infrastructure.

Here are some of the pros and cons of adopting this approach.


  • Server capital costs are reduced

Since your infrastructure no longer relies on physical servers, capital costs are reduced. Your organization is billed based on the time it takes your code to execute, which means that you’re only paying for the computing power you actually use.

  • On-premises backups may not be necessary

When you opt for a serverless approach, your on-premises backups may no longer be necessary. That’s because serverless network providers offer excellent in-house maintenance and security teams that ensure 24/7 protection and functionality.

  • Adding cloud storage is easier

Need to scale your storage up or down to deal with changing business needs? It’s much easier to add cloud storage when you need it, compared to being forced to purchase additional local server storage capacity.


  • There’s a learning curve

As with any new software or tool, there’s a learning curve to switching from the standard file sharing server on premise to a serverless network. Your staff will need to learn new ways of working and explore new interfaces for sharing files and other daily tasks.

  • Recurring costs can add up

Depending on how many apps and programs you have operating in the cloud, your recurring costs may be more significant than expected, outstripping the initial capital costs. If your business wants to prioritize a larger initial spend to minimize your monthly bill, this approach may not be a great fit.

  • Some software doesn’t transition well

Unfortunately, some software packages simply don’t transition to the cloud smoothly. Working with an expert in serverless computing can help you handle this if it comes up, or they can recommend a more compatible software as a replacement.

Let Our IT Support Team Lead Your Serverless Migration

Serverless computing offers your business a chance to offload many time-consuming responsibilities that can distract from core business processes. This can free up time and ensure ongoing security, productivity, and business continuity without adding more work for your internal IT team.

Tech Squared’s IT support in Nashville continues to support our friends and neighbors, offering expert advice and IT expertise when you need it most. Our knowledge of serverless networks can help you take the next step forward in building a more secure foundation for business growth for many years to come.

If you’re interested in exploring the possibilities a serverless network can provide, contact Tech Squared today. We can offer seamless execution and stress-free implementation to help grow your business.