As a leading IT support services provider for the past two decades, we at Tech Squared really have seen it all. While the major IT disasters stand out and each one deserves its own stand-alone feature, it is the day-to-day ones, the issues that our team of cybersecurity experts sees repeatedly, that really underscore the need for IT support. Here we uncover the most common IT problems we see on a regular basis.

Persistent IT Challenges Wreak Havoc on Your Efficiency

Of all the IT challenges we come across daily, these are the nine most common problems faced by businesses in a variety of industries.

IT Challenge #1: Local Admin Rights

Local administrative rights, or the ability to make significant changes to individual computers, can create substantial security risks. As Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have improved their methods, there’s been a decrease in the prevalence of local admin rights. However, it remains a persistent issue for many businesses. In fact, the last three clients that Tech Squared acquired due to massive breach recoveries all had local admin rights problems. Restricting local admin rights is a crucial step towards enhancing security and preventing unauthorized access and data breaches.

IT Challenge #2: No Password Rotation

Weak or unchanged passwords pose a significant threat to IT security. Many professionals tend to neglect the importance of password rotation and two-factor authentication (2FA), which can significantly bolster their security. Password rotation should be a standard practice to prevent unauthorized access, while 2FA adds an additional layer of protection against cyber threats.

IT Challenge #3: USB Printers on the Network

Sharing USB printers on a network is a widespread practice that can lead to huge inefficiency. For a shared USB printer to work BOTH computers must be in a good state. When computer A is sharing a USB printer and computer B cannot print it is likely required to reboot BOTH machines. Sometimes it is required to reinstall the printer drivers on BOTH. How much efficiency must be lost before the cost of an IP based network printer is a better use of resources.

IT Challenge #4: Consumer-Grade Hardware

Cutting corners with consumer-grade hardware can lead to a range of IT issues. While it might seem like a cost-effective choice initially, it can result in poor performance, frequent breakdowns, and increased maintenance costs. Organizations should invest in robust, business-grade hardware to ensure reliability and longevity.

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IT Challenge #5: Inconsistent Software Patching

Failing to patch software consistently and reliably can expose businesses to security threats. Regular software updates are essential to fix vulnerabilities and enhance performance. Businesses should establish a routine for software patching to protect their networks and data.

IT Challenge #6: Lack of Documentation

Insufficient documentation of network configurations and firewall settings is a common IT problem. It’s surprising to find that some IT departments have only a minimal understanding of their network setup. Without adequate documentation, troubleshooting issues and ensuring security becomes a challenging and time-consuming costly task. Furthermore, in the event of a security breach or system failure, lacking documentation can prolong recovery times and make it difficult to determine the source of the problem. It also hampers compliance efforts.

IT Challenge #7: Lack of Standards and Technical Debt

Inconsistency in the application of IT standards can lead to a stack-up of technical debt. Organizations must have clear standards for purchasing and renewing hardware and software licenses. Delaying decisions regarding hardware renewal can lead to inconsistent experiences and a growing number of IT problems. Establishing a rotation schedule for hardware replacement can prevent these issues and ensure a smoother transition.

IT Challenge #8: Business vs. Personal Use on Workstations

Mixing personal and business use on workstations is yet another frequent problem, and it can lead to security risks and productivity loss. For example, downloading personal applications on work computers can expose the business to a variety of risks. Personal use can (and does) introduce malware, inappropriate content, or even legal liabilities into the workplace. It can lead to security breaches, policy violations, and productivity loss.

IT Challenge #9: Backups and Testing

Failing to test backups is a grave mistake that many professionals make. Backups are only effective if they work when needed. Businesses should not wait until they experience data loss to realize the importance of testing their backups. Regular testing ensures data recovery when it’s most critical. Without tested backups, data loss can lead to significant business disruptions, lost revenue, and reputational damage. In regulated industries, it may result in non-compliance penalties.

All-Inclusive IT Support = Your IT Problems Solved

Navigating the complexities of IT can be challenging, but it’s essential for success. By addressing these common IT problems, you can better equip yourself and your business to thrive in an increasingly tech-centric world.

Fortunately, there is a simple and straight-forward solution to all these IT challenges and more. Tech Squared provides complete, scalable IT support solutions that allow our clients to focus on their business while eliminating their technology problems and cybersecurity challenges.

Ready to meet your IT challenges head on? Let us know when you’re free for a consultation.