Advertising IT Services

Extend Your Brand Reach with Advertising IT Services

Partnering with Tech Squared for managed IT services allows your advertising agency to advance your brand’s operations, security and customer experience.

Advertising Relies on Technology – How Does Yours Stack Up?

Your organization relies on technology to get the word out about your own services and your customers. If your technology isn’t keeping up with the rapidly and ever-changing advertising industry, new compliance regulations, and the needs of your clients, you could find it difficult to stay afloat. It’s important to work with an MSP who understands how central IT support is to your operations and the entire industry. Partnering with an experienced team means you can focus more on growing your business, streamlining your operations and better meeting your customers’ demands, needs and wants.

Managed IT Services

VoIP Phones

Tech Squared’s VoIP phone system provides advertising agencies with the tools to foster creativity and client collaboration, all on a cloud platform enhanced by robust IT solutions for uninterrupted brainstorming and campaign launches.
Managed IT Services


Better secure your data as well as your clients’ information by implementing the best cybersecurity practices, strategies and protocols.
Managed IT Services

Backup and Data Recovery

Improve your approach to business continuity and prevent disruptions by backing up consumer data, customer information, operational systems and more.
Managed IT Services

Patch Management

With patch management, you can keep your systems and hardware running at optimal levels while also keeping them secure and up to date with the latest developments.
Managed IT Services

Managed Threat Response

Thanks to a proactive approach to cyberattacks, your business can mitigate risk and be ready for any threat that could harm your operations.
Managed IT Services

Network and User Security

With a solid strategy for network and user security, advertising companies can better prevent unauthorized access and protect user devices and accounts.
Managed IT Services

Help Desk Services

Help desk services work to solve your IT concerns quickly and efficiently so you can take advantage of enhanced productivity.

Poor IT Strategy = Poor PR

Failing to have a strategy for your IT can result in a spotlight on your advertising company for all the wrong reasons. Without plans for cybersecurity, optimal operations with technology and a proactive approach to threats, businesses could find it difficult to retain and attract customers, especially after a serious event like a data breach or major disruptions to their work.

IT support Nashville


"Tech Squared is always quick to respond, quick to solve the issue, and provides me options to update whether the issue was resolved as expected. Your quick response time is extremely appreciated due to the nature of our work. I recently submitted an urgent request late Friday afternoon, needing a function to be fixed in order to use it over the weekend. I was amazed that your team was able to respond and complete the request so quickly. Your swift response and quality work makes a true difference for the clients we serve, and eases my frustration and anxiety when 'the technology' is not working and is creating barriers to my effectiveness. Thank you again!"

Case Manager

Regional Healthcare Provider

“Tech Squared is knowledgeable, always prompt to respond, gets the issue fixed quickly, and has such great personalities, making working with each of them a very enjoyable experience!”

Site Manager

Multisite Mental & Behavioral Health Agency

“Premium service delivered by great folks! Tech Squared supports our business with unmatched competence and consistency.”

General Manager

Property Management Firm

Let Managed IT Services Spell Success for Your Brand

Service Desk

24/7 Expert Support

Thanks to Tech Squared’s help desk and 24/7 emergency support, your advertising company can rest assured you have access to assistance when you need it most for IT problems big and small.

Network and User Security

Reduced Risk

A proactive approach to cybersecurity means your organization can reduce unnecessary risks and work to keep threats, internal and external, out of your data, systems and network.

Service Desk

Streamlined Operations

Managed IT services allow advertising companies to offer more to their customers, improving the customer experience, the employee experience and the potential for profitability.

Network and User Security

Customizable Solutions

No two advertising companies are exactly alike, and the ability to customize IT solutions means you can tailor services to meet your most pressing needs as your business grows and scales.

Service Desk

Advanced Technology

By having access to the advanced technology, software, and hardware usually reserved for big brands, you can have an edge over the competition and offer more to clients.

Grow Your Advertising Company with Managed IT Services in Nashville

Advertising companies rely on technology to market their own brand as well as their customers. By working with a managed IT support team like Tech Squared, you can rest assured you have access to the experts who have your success in mind every step of the way. Our team has over 125 years of combined tech experience and is dedicated to developing a strategy that gives you a proactive approach to cybersecurity, improves your operations and reduces the risks your organization faces daily.