A virtual private network (VPN) allows you to securely access the sites you need, even if you’re using a public internet connection. It encrypts your data and sends it through a virtual tunnel that goes past the unsafe segments of the internet — from unwanted ads to malware — and straight to your intended destination. This makes a VPN one of the most vital cybersecurity tools today, especially for businesses whose remote staff perform tasks using their home internet connection.

But not all VPNs offer the same features. In fact, some are more secure than others. When choosing the best VPN for your business, it’s important that you take these factors into account:

1. Speed
Your VPN has to be fast, especially if your staff performs data- and computing-heavy tasks, such as 3D animation and image and video processing. One way to gauge a service’s speed is to check the location of their servers. The farther away the servers are from your location, the more time your data will need to travel from one point to another.

2. Logs
Go over the service’s privacy policy and check how they handle your data. Make sure your data is deleted at the end of your session or is never stored in the VPN’s servers in the first place.

3. Security features
Although specific features may vary from one service to another, here are some good ones to look for:

  • DNS leak protection – This prevents domain name system (DNS) leaks, which occur when your DNS requests remain visible to your internet service provider, even when you’re using a VPN.
  • Split-tunneling – This feature lets you route some of your apps through your VPN while keeping others connected directly to the internet. For instance, you may keep business apps within the tunnel to maximize security and keep Netflix out for smoother streaming.
  • Kill switch – In case you are suddenly disconnected from the VPN, this feature automatically prevents the user from being exposed to unprotected traffic.

On a related note, privacy laws and levels of government surveillance vary from one country to another. Invest in a VPN service whose servers are found in privacy-friendly countries where the government cannot just look into your logs or activities online without your knowledge or consent.

4. Network size
You’d want a VPN with a large network of servers. If a connection to one server is slow, this feature lets you connect to a server that is closer to your location. This shortens the distance data has to travel from and to your end, thus speeding up your connection.

Moreover, a VPN lets users appear to be connecting to the internet in places other than where they currently are. The larger a server network a VPN has, the more locations it can offer its users, This allows them to more easily bypass geoblocks for certain content, which is useful if you have workers in different parts of the globe.

5. Covered devices
People no longer use just their laptop or desktop computers for remote work these days. Maximize your data’s security by choosing a VPN that covers multiple devices, including tablets and smartphones.

6. Money-back guarantee
It may be that a week after signing up for your VPN service, you discover that it doesn’t match your business’s needs after all. This guarantee lets you switch to a more suitable service without having to pay twice.

The best VPN: Should you pay for it?

The quick answer is yes. Free VPNs are a great starting point, but their features and capabilities simply do not compare to those of their paid counterparts. This is because free VPNs usually run on fewer servers and use older hardware and software. As a result, they’re not just slower, they may not be too secure either.

Paid VPN services often have servers in hundreds of cities and are powered by top-rate components that are constantly updated for optimal performance. If you value speed, efficiency, and security, then the cost of your VPN should be more than worth the investment.

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