Your organization uses technology to streamline work and communications. You also likely use VoIP phones to streamline work and communications. So, it makes sense that combining the two can bring a wealth of benefits to your company including cost savings, streamlined support, improved cybersecurity and the ability to better scale with growth. Is it time to consider bundling Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones and IT services?

VoIP Phones and IT Services Go Hand-in-Hand

VoIP phones and managed IT services have an overlap in capabilities, especially when it comes to the integration and management of VoIP systems within a company’s entire IT infrastructure. A few ways the two overlap include:

  • IT services handle network security, including the security of your VoIP communications.
  • VoIP traffic can be prioritized by IT solutions.
  • IT services can integrate VoIP phone hardware and software with existing IT systems and infrastructure.
  • Many IT troubleshooting solutions can aid VoIP.
  • As a company grows, both IT and VoIP systems need to scale – together.


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6 Benefits of Combining VoIP Phones & IT Services

As a result of this overlap, there are plenty of ways businesses and organizations can benefit by combining the two under one roof.

1. Streamlined Support

When you combine VoIP and IT solutions, you’ll have one point of contact for all of your technical issues. There’s no more confusion of “Who do we call?” when a problem arises, as it’s all under one partner. This results in faster response times and solutions.

2. Improved Cost Efficiency

Just like bundling your car and home insurance with a single provider, bundling your VoIP systems and IT services leads to savings. Organizations can take advantage of cost predictability thanks to a single bill, making it easier to budget and plan for expenses, reduced infrastructure costs and efficient resource allocation. You’ll also cut down on the time (and money) you’ll spend looking for a VoIP phone service provider – which can cut supply costs by up to 60%!

3. Enhanced Infrastructure Management

By combining both solutions, organizations can find it easier to manage and maintain their unified systems. It also cuts down on the chance of system incompatibilities that can be found only after the solutions have been deployed. Since your VoIP phones and IT solutions will work together, employees can find it easier to use the systems, too, leading to an increase in efficiency and productivity as well as improved employee and customer experiences.

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4. Solid Security

As mentioned previously, IT solutions work to improve the security of your VoIP phones. By bundling the two services, you can take advantage of integrated security protocols for both of your infrastructures. IT and VoIP will be patched together, which also reduces the chances of system incompatibilities and closes the potential gaps hackers could slip through. With consolidation, you can get a better handle on overall risk, too.

5. Optimized Performance

A seamless integration between IT and VoIP means your organization will experience better overall system performance. You’ll benefit from proactive maintenance and updates, while also being able to take advantage of the services and solutions you need to support your business, improve your operations and better tend to your customers on both sides of the technology fence.

6. Make It Easier to Scale

As a company grows, its systems need to scale with them to keep up with changing demands and expectations. By failing to combine IT and VoIP systems, companies can find that while their IT solutions scale, their VoIP doesn’t – or vice versa. However, by combining the two technology services, organizations can have fewer growing pains thanks to the alignment between them. They can also stay ahead of the latest technology innovations that come with VoIP and IT, allowing them to get an edge on the competition.

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Is it time to bundle your IT services and VoIP solutions under one roof? From cost savings to enhanced performance, the advantages of combining the two can prove beneficial to your organization’s reputation, bottom line, customer service, customer experience, employee experience and more. At Tech Squared, we offer IT support solutions and VoIP phones together to best serve your technology needs, budget and company goals.


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