The last few years have been challenging for IT departments of all shapes and sizes.

On top of contending with changing expectations regarding remote and hybrid work, they’ve been working tirelessly to defend against rising cyber threats.

While large corporations often have in-house resources to fight cybercriminals, small and medium-sized businesses are more vulnerable.

43% of cyberattacks worldwide are aimed at small businesses, and only a tiny percentage of companies (14%) are prepared with adequate defense.

Keeping an organization safe and productive can be too much for an internal team.

The constant juggling of everyday concerns, like password resets and other help desk tasks to long-term, proactive IT responsibilities, leads to burnout.

Which is why many organizations choose to support their existing team with managed IT services.

What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services providers (MSPs) take on 100% of your IT management. They can also work closely with your business’ internal team to blend their knowledge, expertise, and support. You pick which services remain in-house.

This frees up a significant amount of bandwidth for your in-house team, allowing them to focus only on the tasks that best suit their skills and experience.

By augmenting their in-house team with an external MSP, business leaders can create a partnership that encourages business growth while maintaining the same standards of personalized, attentive IT support their staff expect.

4 Warning Signs That Your Internal IT Team Is Overwhelmed 

If you’ve got a great in-house IT team, it can be hard to ignore the warning signs that they’re overwhelmed or stretched too thin. These warning signs may be subtle, but before long, they will compromise your business.

Here are some of the most common warning signs that relying on your internal IT team may no longer be enough.

1. Your IT support is unresponsive, or their response time is lagging

Are repeated calls to your help desk going unanswered? Long response times can frustrate your staff and cause minor issues to compound.

2. Your internal team doesn’t know how to respond to a cyber breach

Someone working as a jack-of-all-trades in your IT department may not have the expertise necessary to handle a severe security breach. Getting dedicated expertise immediately is critical to avoid any further loss of data.

3. Your business is putting off necessary upgrades

Are your technology-related upgrades, like new servers, better software, or a migration to the cloud, slow in coming? It can be challenging for your staff to focus on big-picture projects when they’re bogged down in daily minutiae.

4. Regular maintenance is falling through the cracks

Ongoing maintenance is critical to avoiding serious security and productivity gaps. If your staff lets routine maintenance tasks slip through the cracks, it can cause massive failures down the road.

The Benefits of Managed IT Services

If you’ve noticed some of the warning signs that your internal IT team is struggling, the time has come to consider bringing in a managed IT services team from Nashville to augment their work. With managed IT services, businesses benefit from both internal and external IT support.

Efficiency and consistency

Clients who sign up with Tech Squared for managed IT support experience many benefits. Typically, there’s an increase in efficiency right away. Customers and staff will also appreciate the increase in consistency, which is made possible through the resources offered by your external partner.

Reduction of risk

Another benefit is the reduction of risk that comes from working with a professional MSP. Since the Tech Squared team is proactively working to prevent issues that can cause security gaps, we reduce the risk of your company being targeted by a bad actor.

Get more than a help desk

When you work with a managed IT services partner like Tech Squared, you get more than just someone to solve support tickets. An internal IT employee is great to solve minor day to day issues, but one person is not enough to look at the long-term technology strategy for your business. Tech Squared will anticipate your future needs and bring innovative solutions to the table to get you there seamlessly.

Learn More About Managed IT Services in Nashville From Tech Squared

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