The COVID-19 pandemic brought about several important changes that will affect the way you do business. For instance, the fear of contracting pathogens may convince consumers to purchase products from companies that maintain strict social distancing and sanitation protocols. Adopting the right strategy is essential to successfully navigating through these changes and ensuring your business’s continued growth.

One such strategy is to outsource the management of your IT system to a managed services provider (MSP). This strategy can help you overcome some of the game-changing challenges of the new normal, including:

1. Remote working
In a recent survey, 16% of office workers said they will continue to work from home at least two days a week long after the pandemic ends. The same survey revealed that more than a third of firms that implemented remote working expected the practice to become more common post-COVID-19.

This means you’re likely to have both on-site and off-site employees working together on some days, which shouldn’t be a problem as long as you have the right tools. But what if your remote workers experience computer problems? What if they can’t connect to your virtual private network or access your company servers?

MSPs offer several solutions to such concerns. First, they monitor your network and its components remotely to ensure that everything is working properly and to minimize the risk of IT issues. Second, MSPs provide 24/7 support — your remote staff only has to contact them to receive immediate assistance.

2. The cloud and related technologies
If you haven’t yet, then it’s high time to migrate your data to the cloud and adopt cloud-based technologies. During the pandemic, the cloud helped many businesses remain operational by enabling remote staff to conveniently and efficiently share files and collaborate with one another over the internet. It’s no wonder then that the cloud will be a key technology for businesses in the new normal.

MSPs are experts in cloud migration. An MSP will ensure that your files are properly backed up to prevent data loss and help you avoid possible pitfalls, such as misconfigurations.

If you’re at a loss on which cloud-based solutions you need, you can turn to an MSP for recommendations. Should you get a private or a public cloud? How will a virtual desktop infrastructure solution fit into your current infrastructure? An MSP will help you gauge your needs and implement the right solutions for seamless and optimal integration.

3. More aggressive cyberthreats
The coronavirus did little to discourage cybercriminals from their ways. Proof of this is the proliferation of coronavirus-themed scams and malware, as well as the increase in cyberattacks against hospitals and healthcare companies. You must, therefore, be more proactive in protecting your data and IT system.

You will need the expert assistance of MSPs to do this. More than helping you assemble a formidable arsenal of cybersecurity solutions, an MSP can also bolster your defenses further through remote monitoring. In this service, the MSP watches over your IT system every hour, every day, even during holidays.

This service does not only detect errors, but also possible anomalies that indicate a threat, such as a malware infection or a hacking attempt. The MSP then moves to resolve the issue before you even know it occurred.

4. Exorbitant costs
The economy took a huge blow from the pandemic, causing many businesses to cut costs. Unfortunately, this also means that it has become even harder, especially for small businesses, to upgrade their IT or put up a dedicated tech team to oversee their network.

There are several ways in which an MSP can help you save money. Here are some of them:

MSPs can help you access and set up alternatives, like thin clients, which are inexpensive but will meet your computing requirements.
Some MSPs rent out IT equipment for a low monthly fee, allowing you to enjoy high-end tools while keeping the costs low.
MSPs themselves function like in-house tech departments, albeit at an affordable monthly fee. It’s worth noting that because the fee is predictable, it’s much easier for you to budget your money and avoid sudden IT-related expenses.
Tech Squared helps businesses augment their resilience to modern challenges, including the setbacks caused by the coronavirus pandemic. We don’t just protect your data — we offer solutions that make your business as efficient as it needs to be for sustained growth.

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