Have you ever been promised something by an IT services provider that they didn’t deliver?

These feelings of disappointment and frustration are a key reason why so many people are afraid of switching to a new managed IT services partner in Nashville. It can be so frustrating to reach out to a new IT support team only to find yourself dealing with the same old obstructions.

At Tech Squared, we believe that one of the most critical relationships that exists today is between a managed IT services provider and their client. That’s why we never promise anything to our clients that we don’t deliver.

4 Important Promises Your Managed IT Services Provider Needs to Keep

While we strive to ensure that every interaction between our team and clients is authentic and genuine, some areas require an even more thorough approach.

Here are four of the most important promises that an IT services provider should make and keep.

1. They hold the same standards for their clients AND internal team

Too many managed IT services teams we’ve heard about don’t enforce the same standards with their staff that they recommend to their clients. That is, they have one set of outward-facing recommendations, but don’t hold their team to the same high standards.

Whether that includes security measures like multi-factor authentication or backups and disaster recovery plans, any company that says one thing and does another sends a signal that they don’t take these standards seriously. This could jeopardize their clients since the MSP-client partnership often involves the exchange of sensitive data and proprietary information.


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2. Their fees are flat rate

Some MSPs choose to use an hourly model, while others (like us at Tech Squared) opt for a flat-rate monthly fee.

Even if an MSP specifies a set number of hours in their contract, if they’re billing hourly, it’s not in their best interest to be proactive. This can lead to situations where the MSP bills overages and starts to cut into their client’s bottom line.

In a fixed-fee methodology, the MSP’s margin is based on them doing a good job and preventing reactive issues. This leads to less downtime and fewer interruptions for the client. At Tech Squared, all our fees are flat-rate and are also inclusive of licensing fees for tools like antivirus software and firewall services.

3. They’re focused on risk reduction

The primary job of any MSP is ensuring client productivity and cybersecurity. One of the best ways to ensure that clients are safe, productive and cybersecure is to incorporate risk reduction every step of the way.

Sometimes, MSPs will claim to prioritize risk reduction, but will still bend their own rules to use inferior firewalls or insecure software when pushed. While it may require clients to change some of their working habits, MSPs that are focused on client success should always prioritize their promises of risk reduction over short-term convenience.


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4. They don’t take projects outside of their MSP client base

It’s very difficult for a growing business not to take on stand-alone projects outside of the managed IT client space. However, MSPs that take on projects outside of their managed IT client work are breaking a critical promise to their existing customers. If their MSP has allotted employee resources and time to other projects, they’re putting their existing MSP clients at risk.

At Tech Squared, whenever we have additional time available, we prioritize projects for our existing clients that add value or reduce risk. We would never promise resources that we can’t make consistently available, or subsidize the quality of service we offer to our long-term clients.

At Tech Squared, We Keep Our Promises

Keeping our promises to clients is just one way we differentiate ourselves from the other managed IT services professionals that Nashville has to offer. Our skilled MSP experts prioritize offering services that reduce risk, improve productivity and reduce downtime.

Book a consultation with us today if you’re ready to work with an IT provider that will keep their promises and provide immeasurable value to your business.