Paying attention to cybersecurity has never been more critical.

With every year that goes by, threat actors become more adept at executing sophisticated and destabilizing social engineering and ransomware campaigns. With the continued preference for remote or hybrid work, businesses must be vigilant to protect their staff and assets.

Engaging in sensible cybersecurity risk management is the best way to ensure this protection. However, knowing where to put your focus and budget can be challenging. Get it wrong, and you could find yourself spending money only to get breached when you least expect it.

Fortunately, there are lessons to be learned and insights to be gained from the experience of others. At Tech Squared, our priority is offering knowledge that can help you feel more secure in your approach to IT.


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2022’s Most Important Lessons in Cybersecurity Risk Management

One of the most valuable things we offer our clients is ongoing education about the current cybersecurity landscape. Here are some of the last year’s most essential lessons in cybersecurity you should know moving into 2023.

1. Attacks are getting more common

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there’s been a 300% increase in global cybercrime. While the overall increase is itself concerning, what’s more worrying is how granular these attacks have gotten.

SMBs are at increased risk, with many threat actors continuing to prioritize quantity over quality, attacking as many people as they possibly can in hopes of catching one unawares.

2. Threat actors are increasingly targeting people, not systems

In addition to pursuing smaller businesses, many threat actors are also prioritizing an approach that targets individuals rather than systems. This approach is known as social engineering.

Instead of using brute force to crack a firewall, they approach an individual and try and gain their trust using any information they can find. Often, busy workers will give out usernames, passwords, and other sensitive data without thinking twice.

3. Legislation is increasingly being developed to protect us from cyberthreats

While it’s not unusual to feel frustrated when trying to implement new cybersecurity tools and safety measures, help is on the way. Many government agencies within the United States are increasingly putting legislation and regulatory standards into place to strengthen our national cybersecurity.

This includes cybersecurity measures that protect the supply chain, medical devices, and more. These new safety standards should help organizations understand and implement best practices that can protect their business.

How To Improve Your Cybersecurity Moving Into 2023

To ensure the best possible cybersecurity approach in 2023, companies must learn from the cybersecurity trends of the last year and implement safety measures that can minimize risk and support business goals.

These are the first steps we recommend.

1. Diversify your cybersecurity

With so many employees working outside of the office, companies that have maintained a premises-centered cybersecurity approach will find themselves at risk. Instead, diversify your cybersecurity to ensure that employees, assets, and data are protected regardless of their location.

This may include implementing new cybersecurity tools and software, which can be a burden on your internal team. Engaging a managed IT services provider in Nashville to administer this transition for you can help lighten the load and ensure that regular updates and maintenance are conducted.

2. Cybersecurity education is critical for all

With threat actors increasingly targeting front-line and customer-facing employees, businesses should be doing everything possible to protect their team. This includes offering regular cybersecurity education opportunities, where they can learn about the potential threats they may face.

Tech Squared Is Your Nashville Cybersecurity Expert

Engaging the latest cybersecurity tools and services, leading regular employee education seminars, and scanning your system regularly for threats can be time-consuming. However, all of these tasks (and more!) are necessary to protect your business.

One of the best approaches your business can take is bringing on a partner to help manage these tasks and oversee a more proactive cybersecurity approach. Our team has worked with many companies to improve their cybersecurity, bringing more productivity, resilience, and flexibility to their IT. In fact, our client base has experienced ZERO malware while being partnered with us.

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