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Business-Class Phone Systems

Phones don’t have to be complicated. Keep things simple with our VOIP System.


Allworx VoIP Business Phone Model 9224 and Extender

Communication drives every business. Don’t let an outdated, featureless phone system define your company!

When we went searching for a fully functioning, flexible system, all at an affordable price point to offer our clients; we came up empty handed.

Seeing such a great need and a severe lack of options we decided to develop our own custom Voice Over Internet Protcol phone system about 5 years ago. After quite a bit of research, development, and lots of tweaking along the way, we are now extremely excited to offer all the features and functionality we were searching for and more!

So go ahead and scroll down a bit to see just a few of the favorite features our VOIP phones can bring to your business. If you want to give it a quick test, just call us at 800-951-0301, we use the exact same system that we offer our clients.

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Where do you want to work?

With our Allworx phone systems, you can work from anywhere!

Mobility is a concept that differentiates the 21st century. People aren’t just more mobile, they’re more productive while they’re mobile. Our business lives have expanded geographically. Our offices are no longer bounded by four walls. They’re now only bounded by the reach of technology.

Our Allworx phone systems can break down the walls of your office and give you productive time anywhere you go, whether that’s in a home office, at a meeting across town or by your suitcase at an airport or hotel.

Connected Anywhere

Connect your desk phone from any location via the Internet.

Apple & Android Support

Turn your Apple or Android Smartphone or tablet into an Allworx phone with Allworx Reach!

Efficiency First

Improve your efficiency with unified communications!

Where would you work?


Key Features

Automated Attendant (IVR)

What happens when things get busy and your call volume is too high for physical resources to take the next caller? Automated Attendant allows your phone system to greet your callers with a customizable, pre-recorded message, and route their call to the proper extension.

Follow Me

Forward your calls to a single or multiple phone numbers and have them all ring at once or one after the other. Calls can be directed to your home, office, mobile or any other phone you specify. Ensure your calls get to you no matter where you are!

Intercom/Zone Intercom

When you need to address multiple team members all at once our paging feature is there to fill the role. You can customize what phones are allowed to broadcast over the intercom and even set what phones receive the broadcast. One way, or even duplex paging allows for a customized page to suit your needs. Intercom your teammate with a single button press and without them having to pick up the handset.

Voicemail to Email

Have your voicemails delivered directly to your email in an audio file. Voicemail to email provides an easy way for you to listen to your messages without ever having to pick up the phone. Simply click on the audio file that is delivered to your email and listen to your messages at your convenience.

Call Waiting

Call waiting gives you and your team the ability to put a call on hold while briefly taking on a second caller. You never have to miss out on an opportunity by having your phone system ring busy!

Tie Multiple Locations Together

Running a business with multiple locations can sometimes present your customers with a challenge. With our phone system you never have to tell a caller to hang up and call a different location, at the push of a button you and your team can transfer calls seamlessly back and forth.

Phones & Accessories

When it came time to choose a phone system to compliment our phone service, we wanted a reliable product that was cost effective for our customers.  We have partnered with allworx, Polycom, Yealink, and Snom, allowing us to provide a variety of feature filled phones that we think are just as awesome as the system and service that backs them.

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Allworx VoIP Business Phone Model 9224
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