Get a Premium Phone System that Enhanes Productivity, Not Hinders It

Bring flexibility, increased performance and other benefits to your organization by embracing a premium communications solution.

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What You Can Expect from Our Premium Phone Service

Hipaa Compliance

Tech Squared brings tailored and reliable solutions to your communications

IT Support Nashville

Our VoIP phone system is available only on the cloud, so no network integration is required

IT Support

We implement and record interactive voice response (IVR) for you

IT Support

Training from our experts on how to use the phone system

IT Support

Your IT services, phone system and dial tone can all be delivered by the same vendor

Customize Your Phone Solution

With industry-leading experts on your side, we know the challenges you’re facing when it comes to your communications. We’re here to help you overcome them. Our premium solution comes with the technology you need to improve both the customer experience and the employee experience, ongoing support, and integration with your existing systems.

Enjoy these features:

  • Contact Center
  • Virtual Fax
  • Video Collaboration
  • Voice API
  • QoS Monitor
  • Quoting and Billing Tool
  • Business SMS
  • Exclusive Store
  • Call Center
  • Microsoft Teams Connector
  • Mobile/Desktop Softphone
  • Other Advances Features

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