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Business-Class Phone Service

Experience a clear voice with our VOIP Service!

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Cut ties with copper lines and experience the freedom and savings that VOIP has to offer!

We pride ourselves on being able to provide tomorrow’s technology today, our voice over internet protocol phone service is no exception. We offer VOIP service at highly competitive rates. If you currently have 2 or more phone lines, we can typically save you money and offer more features than your existing service provider.

If features like no long distance fees and the ability to keep your existing phone number(s) sound appealing just scroll down to see a few more things our VOIP service can bring to your business. If you’re looking for a quick call quality test, call us at 800-951-0301, we use the exact same VOIP service that we offer our clients.

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Key Features

No Long Distance Fees

With our phone service you never have to worry about additional long distance fees. We have you covered for any domestic number you call.

Number Portability

Making the switch to our VOIP phone service doesn't mean you have to lose your existing number(s). We can port phone numbers from a wide range of carriers!

Contact us at 540-344-1001 to find out if your number is portable!

Low Cost International Calling

While we can only offer domestic long distance for free, we do have great rates on international calling.

Ease of Setup

When you're ready to make the switch, our team will handle the set up and transition for you. From getting your numbers ported to setting up the service on our end, all that you'll have to do is enjoy the quality and savings!