PBX Hosting

A phone system by Tech Squared leaves all the guts of the phone system in a secure, monitored, high availability data center instead of being at your office location. The benefit to this is when your office Internet is down, or when your phone lines used to have trouble, or when your office loses power, your phone system still answers and takes messages for you. It does not appear to your clients that you are simply not answering the phone.

The other benefit, is should your office experience one of these issues, we can quickly reroute phone calls to a cell phone, or you can simply pickup the phone from your office desk, take it to another location that has power and Internet and be back online making and receiving office calls.

This includes your home. One of the nicest features of the phone system being hosted outside your office is the ability as a manager to have an extension from the phone system at the house. You are integrated with the rest of the phones, can see who is on the phone, make and receive calls from the “office”, and dial extensions in the office without leaving your home office.