VOIP Services

Phone service has traditionally been delivered over a pair of copper wires to a home or business. With the Internet getting faster by the day, the newest form of delivering voice telephone service is through VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol. Essentially phones, or other communication devices are connected to your internet through the use of switches and routers, and transmit and receive telephone calls over the Internet.

VOIP Service is very cost effective as it can leverage the already fast Internet connection you have. No longer do you need to rely on copper wires coming all the way from the phone company to the office building.

One of the other really cool things about VOIP service is that it is easy to move. For example, you can pickup your desk phone, drive it to your house, plug it into your Internet and it now appears you are calling from your office, while the phone is physically in your home.

This technology has is absolutely fantastic for connecting multiple remote offices. It can allow for the offices to appear all on one big phone system, allowing calls to be transferred to the other offices by dialing a phone extension. There are a lot of new features that VOIP allows.

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