Rubicon Move

Rubicon after Rubicon beforeCongratulations to Rubicon Planning, Inc. on moving to their new office location in the Pheasant Ridge office complex. We would like to extend our thanks for their trust in us to set up the office cabling and new network infrastructure for them. A new Netgear UTM Hi-Speed router and 48 port POE switch was installed along with the rack and punchdown panel supplied by our friends at Roanoke Wire to help clean up their wiring (see pictures below). We hope you enjoy the new facility and again, many thanks for letting us do the work.

Snow Day!!

Due to the inclement weather your support staff will be working remotely today, February 13, 2014. Please follow your support and escalation procedures as normal. All issues will be addressed as quickly as possible. Thank you and have a blessed day.

Annual Customer Appreciation Open House

We would like to extend an invitation to all of our friends and customers to join us for our Customer Appreciation Christmas Open House.

Let us show our appreciation with tasty beverages and hors d’oeuvres to “Truly” Reduce Stress and Add Value

WHEN: Friday, December 20th, 2013 from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Where: 701 Brandon Ave. Roanoke, Va. 24015 – Click Here for Directions

If parking is unavailable please park beside the Tech Squared Van in the Towers Shopping Center lot (Brandon Ave. side) and transportation will be provided to the Office

Congratulations Boy Scouts!!

Congratulations to the Boy Scouts of America, Blue Ridge Mountain Council on their new website. Tech Squared Inc was able to assist in the rebuild and launch of their new website on Labor Day weekend including moving from Joomla to Drupal, a completely revamped registration system for events, and a new interactive calendar. The site was rebuilt and launched on a very short time frame and in time for their yearly Spookoree registrations. Consider supporting the local Boy Scouts by a visit to their site here

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Speed Up Email Delivery – Get Exchange

There are a couple different types of mail services available.  Let me start by clarifying two that are distinct, yet there are advantages to both.  There is the basic mail server which can be termed a POP or IMAP server.  This is the most basic of mail services and is what most email users are familiar with.  This includes most of your webmail clients such as Yahoo, Gmail, and the others.  This option is inexpensive and covers most basic email needs.

The second type of mail server, which is the focus of my attention today, is known as Exchange.  This is a Microsoft based product that a lot of businesses use to collaborate, i.e. sharing calendars, contacts, and email boxes.  While this option is slightly more expensive, there are great advantages.

POP is a pull based email service which means your Outlook or other mail client is set to request new messages from the mail server at some interval, i.e. every 10 minutes it will check for new mail.  POP mail once received is typically stored on just your local computer and not kept on the server.  It is available for smart phones, yet if you send mail from your smart phone, it doesn’t show up in your sent items on your computer.  You also end up maintaining multiple contact lists.

Exchange is different in that it is a push based email service, meaning as soon as you get a new email, it is “pushed” to your Outlook or smart phone.  One of the other benefits is all emails sent from the webmail interface, Outlook (local computer), and your smart phone all stay synchronized.  Regardless of which device or computer you send email from, it will show up in your “sent” items.  Exchange also synchronizes your contacts and calendar with all your devices, including iPhones and Ipads.

I recently switched my wife’s home email account to Exchange and she has LOVED the difference in emails being delivered AND all of her contacts, calendar, and emails being connected.  If she reads and deletes the email on her iPad it deletes on her computer.  If she enters a contact on her iPhone, it goes to her computer and iPad automatically.  She also likes that she can see my reply to an email within a few seconds of me clicking send instead of waiting ten minutes.  She also loves that any of her DEVICES can break and the server still has all her email and contacts.

Microsoft Exchange is available in onsite AND hosted options.

Don’t Text and Drive – SPEAKTOIT

While we all “want” to not text and drive, how many of us find ourselves occasionally “having” to send that message.  While it is unsafe, how many people do we see doing it?  Consider the Assistant app from SPEAKTOIT on the Android platform.  Several of our team members use it and have found it a welcome addition to their arsenal of tools.  Now they can text and drive without taking their eyes off the road and potentially creating a hazard to other drivers.

The app uses voice recognition to understand and send your text messages, email messages, and dial phone calls.  It is as simple as shaking the phone, literally waving the phone in the air, for the assistant to wake up and with a distinct beep prompt you to begin talking.

I can say things like “text Pam mobile please remember to send a thank you card to Jonathan” or “call Jonathan office” for the assistant to take action.  For a text message it will confirm by saying something like “ok, I’m going to text Pam on mobile number ‘please remember to send a thank you card to Jonathan’, is this okay” and I confirm by saying “yes”.  As for the call, it will confirm by saying “ok, calling Jonathan on office number” and the phone starts to dial.

If you choose, it can also read incoming text messages to you once they are received without you having to look at your phone.  You can even customize the look of the assistant and the voice that it talks to you with, i.e. US accent or UK accent, male or female.

It’s a pretty cool application for the Android platform that is continually getting better.  Try it and you might be able to drive safer.

New Location Signage

Tech Squared New Sign

Thank you to all the loyal and dedicated Tech Squared, Inc. clients that have continued to support TSI during these awesome and exciting times.

We ordered our new sign as soon as we moved in and to our surprise, when we came in this morning the sign had been replaced without us knowing it was going to happen.  The sign was produced and installed by Budget Signs of Roanoke Virginia.  Tech Squared, Inc. was glad to be able to partner with a client on this project.

Swing by and let us know what you think!!

Moving Day!!

In an effort to continue our growth and serve our clients as effectively as possible, Tech Squared is moving office locations during the weekend of July 14 – 15.  As we move our corporate servers, email responses intended for may be slightly delayed, yet our phone and web hosting services will be unaffected.  Thank you for your understanding as we make this exciting move.

Welcome to The Roanoke Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau

As of June 1, 2012 Tech Squared Inc has been awarded the phone services contract for The Roanoke Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau .  We are glad to welcome The Roanoke Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau to the Tech Squared Inc Phone Services Family.  They can be found on the web at

Security Advisory – QR Codes

A recent article on PC World magazine’s website has identified a Security Blind Spot for smart phones.  The QR Codes that are so easy and used by retailers to send special offers are occasionally being compromised and smart phones are at risk of multiple security issues.  Please reference the article here for further information.

Thank you and safe surfing.