Don’t Text and Drive – SPEAKTOIT

While we all “want” to not text and drive, how many of us find ourselves occasionally “having” to send that message.  While it is unsafe, how many people do we see doing it?  Consider the Assistant app from SPEAKTOIT on the Android platform.  Several of our team members use it and have found it a welcome addition to their arsenal of tools.  Now they can text and drive without taking their eyes off the road and potentially creating a hazard to other drivers.

The app uses voice recognition to understand and send your text messages, email messages, and dial phone calls.  It is as simple as shaking the phone, literally waving the phone in the air, for the assistant to wake up and with a distinct beep prompt you to begin talking.

I can say things like “text Pam mobile please remember to send a thank you card to Jonathan” or “call Jonathan office” for the assistant to take action.  For a text message it will confirm by saying something like “ok, I’m going to text Pam on mobile number ‘please remember to send a thank you card to Jonathan’, is this okay” and I confirm by saying “yes”.  As for the call, it will confirm by saying “ok, calling Jonathan on office number” and the phone starts to dial.

If you choose, it can also read incoming text messages to you once they are received without you having to look at your phone.  You can even customize the look of the assistant and the voice that it talks to you with, i.e. US accent or UK accent, male or female.

It’s a pretty cool application for the Android platform that is continually getting better.  Try it and you might be able to drive safer.